These are the perks you can use in the Black Ops multiplayer mode. As with previous titles, there are 3 different slots (blue, orange and green). All perks are unlocked at level 4 and they can then be purchased with COD Points (cP). The first perk slot will determine the appearance of character, so if you equip the Ghost perk then your character will wear a ghillie suit.

To unlock the PRO+ version of a chosen perk, you will need to complete 3 different challenges specific to that perk. To view those challenges, click on the "Challenges ↓" link.

Perk Slot 1

COD Points 2000


Lightweight perk Move faster.
PRO: +Take no fall damage.


Lightweight Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Scavenger perk Replenish ammo and Lethal Grenades from fallen enemies.
PRO: +Start with extra mags and replenish Tactical Grenades from fallen enemies.
Scavenger Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Ghost perk Remain hidden from enemy Spy Planes.
PRO: +Avoid targeting from aircraft, IR scopes, and Sentry Guns. No red crosshair or name when targeted.


Ghost Pro perk
COD Points 2000

Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket perk Take less explosive damage.
PRO: +Deflect fire damage and safely toss back Frag Grenades.
Flak Jacket Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Hardline perk Earn killstreak rewards with one less kill.
PRO: +Change the contents of a Care Package.
Hardline Pro perk

Perk Slot 2

COD Points 2000


Hardened perk Penetrate walls and objects with deeper bullet impact.
PRO: +Inflict extra bullet damage on aircraft and turrets, and flinch less when shot.
Hardened Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Scout perk Hold breath longer when scoped.
PRO: +Switch weapons faster.
Scout Pro perk
COD Points 2000

Steady Aim

Steady Aim perk Maintain increased accuracy when firing from the hip.
PRO: +Aim faster after sprinting and recover quickly from knife lunges.
Steady Aim Pro perk
COD Points 2000

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand perk Reload weapons faster.
PRO: +Aim down sights faster with weapons (except Sniper Rifles).
Sleight of Hand Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Warlord perk Equip two attachments to your primary weapon (excluding underbarrels).
PRO: +Start with one extra Lethal and Tactical Grenade (except Willy Pete).


Warlord Pro perk

Perk Slot 3

COD Points 2000

Tactical Mask

Tactical Mask perk Protect yourself against Nova gas.
PRO: +Reduce the effects of Flash and Concussion Grenades, and reveal the position of a flashed or stunned enemy.


Tactical Mask Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Marathon perk Sprint for a longer duration.
PRO: +Sprint for an unlimited duration.
Marathon Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Ninja perk Move silently.
PRO: +Make no noise at all and hear enemies louder.
Ninja Pro perk
COD Points 2000

Second Chance

Second Chance perk Pull out your pistol before dying.
PRO: +Survive longer and get revived by your teammates.
Second Chance Pro perk
COD Points 2000


Hacker perk Detect enemy equipment, explosives, and turrets.
PRO: +Sabotage enemy equipment and turrets, booby trap stolen crates, and remain invisible to Motion Sensors.


Hacker Pro perk