Balistic Knife

Balistic Knife

Manufacturer: Ostblock
Model: Unknown Specification
Prototype: Unknown
Production: < 1980
Country of origin: USSR
Caliber: N/A
Fire modes: N/A
Rate of fire: Unknown
Range: 6 meters (18 feet)


COD Points2000

A ballistic knife is an automatic knife with a detachable blade that can be expelled from the handle/frame as a projectile by means of a spring-operated or gas-driven mechanism. They were manufactured by the USSR in the cold war and were supplied in large numbers to the Soviet special forces group Spetsnaz.

Ballistic knives were designed to be used as covert weapons when a firearm is not appropriate. The blade can remain attached to the handle and used as a typical fixed-blade knife or launched as a projectile by pulling a pin and pressing a button. The spring in these knives is powerful enough to propel the blade to about 6 meters (about 18 feet) or more at 63 km/h (40 mph).