Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch (H&K)
Model: PSG1
Prototype: Unknown
Production: 1972
Country of origin: Germany
Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
Fire modes: Semi-automatic
Rate of fire: N/A
Range: 800 meters

Real World Information

The PSG-1 is a sniper rifle manufactured by the German Heckler & Koch firearms company. The PSG-1 was employed by the German police ('polizei') and military, and is regarded as one of the most accurate semi-automatic sniper rifles in the world. PSG is merely an abbreviation for the full name of the rifle: the Präzisionsschützengewehr (Precision Marksman Rifle), and with a name like that, you know the rifle means business. Supposedly, the PSG-1 was created in the aftermath of the 1972 Summer Olympics, held in Munich. During the event, a terrorist group was responsible for the killings of several athletes. The PSG-1 was one of the designs intended to ensure history did not repeat itself. PSG-1 rifles do not have iron sights, and when purchased, come with a scope mounted.  According to tests performed by the United States military during the 1980s, the PSG-1 was claimed to be less accurate than both the M21 and M40 sniper rifles: both of these rifles are operated by the US military, so these results have always been disputed.


In-Game Information

COD Points2000

The PSG-1 is the final sniper rifle that can be acquired, unlocking after the player purchases both the Walther WA2000, and the L96A1. The earliest level that the PSG-1 can be purchased at is Rank 27, assuming the player has a sufficient amount of CoD Points to purchase the L96 as well. By standard, the PSG-1 in-game feeds from a five round magazine; with Extended Mags attached, the magazine capacity is doubled to 10. The recoil experienced by the PSG-1 is extremely predictable, jumping consistently up to the right; similarly to Modern Warfare 2's Barrett .50 Cal. It also re-centers faster than the L96, meaning that it can prove more effective in combat.


The model that appears in-game is confirmed to be the PSG-1. Previously, the model was not confirmed, as it could have been the MSG-90 model, which is equipped with a standard G3 barrel as opposed to the PSG-1 barrel. The scope on the PSG-1 uses a thicker reticule, which is relatively similar to that of the L96 and WA2000.