Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Unknown
Prototype: Unknown
Production: Unknown
Country of origin: Unknown
Caliber: N/A
Fire modes: N/A
Rate of fire: N/A
Range: Unknown


COD Points 1000 - Sticks to a target before exploding.

The sticky semtex grenade is non-existent in real life. Semtex is a plastic explosive that by nature does not stick to anything.

The semtex grenade was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2, the previous game in the Call of Duty franchise. It's a hand grenade that will stick to the first surface it touches, including cloth (players) or walls. It had a set timer and the grenade could not be cooked. By the looks of it in the first multiplayer trailer, this is exactly how it will be handled in Black Ops with the only exception that it blinks green when thrown.