Manufacturer: Franchi S.p.A.
Model: Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun 12
Prototype: Unknown
Production: 1979
Country of origin: Italy
Caliber: 12 gauge
Fire modes: Pump-action / gas-actuated
Rate of fire: 4 rounds/second
Range: Dependent on ammunition


COD Points2000

The Franchi SPAS-12 is a shotgun produced by the Italian arms company Franchi S.p.A, during the years 1979 through to 2001. While the SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun at heart, it can be used as a pump-action, should the shooter decide to. The main reasoning for this was to allow the SPAS-12 to fire lower-powered rounds. During the Reveal Trailer, the SPAS-12 is seen twice: at 1:16, and 1:20. During the trailer, a shotgun round known as the "Dragon's Breath" is shown. This round is incendiary, and screenshots of the image are available below.


Dragon's Breath

Dragon's breath will be a new kind of ammunition for the SPAS-12 (other shotguns unconfirmed). It is an incendiary shotgun shell that will light the target on fire when fired, as seen in the screenshots below (taken from the reveal trailer).